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Consultancy: HR audit & advisory services

Consultancy: HR audit & advisory services

June 2024

HQAI is currently seeking an outstanding HR consultant to ensure the optimal approach to HQAI's worldwide setup. Please take a moment to review the terms of reference below, and if you think you're the right person for the job, we would love to hear from you!


HQAI’s objective is to improve the Quality and Accountability of organisations working with vulnerable and at-risk populations through the provision and promotion of meaningful and adapted independent quality assurance. Its services are intended to build capacity in the sector and provide consistent, measurable data in delivering quality action, thus improving the principled, accountable, efficient aid provision to vulnerable and at-risk populations.

To all its stakeholders, HQAI is an accountable, open, and trustworthy partner that applies the internationally recognised ground rules of auditing: impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality, and responsiveness to complaints. Our policies, procedures, and tools for independent quality assurance follow relevant ISO standards requirements. HQAI’s CHS certification scheme is accredited against ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

HQAI has developed robust tools to measure efficiently where an organisation stands in relation to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) on Quality and Accountability. Tools related to other standards may be developed in the future.

HQAI is committed to the nine fundamental principles of the CHS and implements them as far as they are applicable to its own activities.


HQAI continues to expand its audit operations globally and increasingly adapts to a more global HR setup. This includes Secretariat staff as well as auditors. HQAI’s Senior Management Team is looking for strategic HR advice to ensure the approach to a worldwide setup of HQAI is optimal through: 

Risk assessment and mitigation actions’ recommendation in the specific worldwide setup;

Benchmarking with the business model of the global setup of NGO-s as well as auditing companies;

Assessment of benefits and contextualisation of the above. 

The aim of this consultancy is to:

1) Assess the current HQAI HR setup

  • In the context of HQAI’s current situation and taking into account the organisation's strategic direction, map the current set-up (employee contracts, payroll contracts, service contracts), understand and consider the research done by HQAI so far, and incorporate further existing trends in HR for the sector and trends of worldwide resource use.
  • Identifying gaps, areas for improvement and good practice

2) Design an optimal Organogram,

  • Design an optimal organogram for HQAI by proposing a robust and adaptable organisational structure that leverages best practices from international NGOs and audit companies, incorporates current and future HR trends, and aligns with HQAI's strategic objectives.

3) Draft /update HR procedure,

  • Draft/update the HR procedure, including incorporating the changes recommended in the report and approved by HQAI.


  • Summary and detailed rationale for proposed improvements, including organogram
  • HR procedure upgraded.

Timing and duration

The consultant is expected to conduct and finalise the outlined work over 10 (non-consecutive) days.

The expected start date for the consultancy is June -October 2024, with all work completed at the latest in November 2024.

Draft agenda/ methodology

Meetings with key staff 1 day

Reading of existing documents procedures, researches, understanding of system’ setup 1 day

Benchmarking / Study of Ngo-s systems ( existing knowledge) 1,5 days

Benchmarking / Study of audit companies setup 1,5 days

Draft and restitution of the report 2 days

Upgrade of HR procedure 3 days


  • Minimum five years relevant experience in developing and implementing, HR systems in international setup,
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in the NGO- sector with HR responsibilities
  • Clear understanding of HQAI’s specific organisational mandate and constraints on accreditation and worldwide needs
  • Independent worker with strong organisational skills and a critical eye for detail;
  • Good listener with demonstrated ability to understand, analyse and review technical complexities;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.


Please send expressions of interest to by June 25, 2024.

Please mention the title of this consultancy in the subject line and your fees. Thank you.