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trust counts

You give money to aid organisations. You are interested in helping people overcoming crisis such as conflicts or natural disasters. You want to do the right thing. But is it working effectively?

Trust counts.

In order to improve, aid organisations need to know what they do well, and what they can do better.

The Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative (HQAI) was founded to support aid organisations to more effectively meet the needs of people facing crisis such as poverty, conflicts or natural disasters around the world. We do this by assessing organisations that work in these areas against the internationally agreed commitments contained in the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS).

The Core Humanitarian Standard instils best practice accumulated from many decades of aid work and outlines commitments that aid organisations should strive to meet in order to enhance the impact of their work.

Some of the questions we address when we assess aid organisation include:

  • Were the goods and services being delivered to people in crisis the goods and services that these people actually needed?
  • Did the experience of aid leave people better off, or has it made them worse off and more vulnerable?
  • Were the intentions of aid organisations communicated effectively to people in crisis?
  • Were the opinions of those people in crisis listened to?
  • Were people in crisis treated with dignity and respect by aid workers?
  • Was the money given to aid organisations spent well?

HQAI conducts independent audits, meaning that we objectively examine evidence (including talking to staff and communities directly) to find the answers to those questions.

When aid organisations are found to have met the commitments set out in the Core Humanitarian Standard, we certify that they have done so. This means they can use the HQAI CHS certification mark in their work. We go back to the organisations every year to check if they have improved where we have identified gaps and if they still meet the commitments.

Many aid organisations have been certified by HQAI – you can find a complete list of CHS certified organisations here. And many more organisations are seeking to become certified right now.

HQAI CHS certification mark

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