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Standard application

Your application

Thank you for your interest in our services.

Please carefully read the form below before filling it. You may need to prepare for some questions or ask for input from colleagues. Once you start filling the application form you cannot carry out an intermediate "save" but have to go through the entire form in one go.

Application form

Name of your organisation

If applicable, acronym of your organisation.

Choose from the list.

If relevant

Does the Organisation have its main headquarters (being the effective decision-making centre for all operations) in a Member State of the European Union?

Name and SURNAME.

Name and SURNAME.

Your position in the organisation

Your Skype pseudo

Is the organisation registered as a non-profit organisation in a Member State of the European Union under the laws in force in that Member State, or in an EFTA State member of the European Economic Area?

You can check several boxes

You can check several boxes

Only to be filled if you have selected "other" above

As applicable.

Describe in a few words the governance structure of the organisation

How are decisions for interventions taken?

How does your organisation work in general with implementing partners?

Please explain you choice above

Were the financial statements for the past two consecutive years audited by an independent external auditor?

In which language are the majority of your policies and procedures written ?

The number of countries where the organisation has projects.

Does your organisation have a regional focus? Where?

Does the organisation have a thematic focus? Which one(s)? e.g. wash, livelihoods etc.

Describe in a few words how country programmes are managed

Does the organisation ensure segregation of duties between departments and/or tasks related to Finance Management, Human Resources, Project Management (operational) and Procurement?

Are there formal policies on fraud, bribery and corruption - how are the policies communicated and shared across the organisation and its suppliers? How does the organisation ensure compliance?

E.g. Does the organisation have a whistleblowing hotline?

What are the safeguarding mechanisms the organisation has in place? e.g. PSEA policy

Do you have in place a Code of Conduct for staff and volunteers that sets out clear expectations of behaviours - inside and outside the work place - and what will happen in the event of non-compliance or breach of these standards?

Is your organisation part of a federation, confederation, family, etc.

Tell us more about the "group" the organisation is part of and detail the position of your organisation

Is the name, or part of the name of the organisation also used by the other members?

As relevant, please explain the type of relation between the members and how it is governed

Is the organisation autonomous in its decision-making, i.e. does it have the final say in all areas?

In which of your internal documentation are the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence reflected?

Please describe your security requirements regarding security training of consultants travelling to country programmes

Desired timeframe(s) for the audit. Note: HQAI will to the maximum to accommodate this desire, but your information is indicative only.

e.g. religious holidays, general assemblies, climatic conditions

Choose the service your organisation desires to apply for.

Please indicate if the scope is the whole organisation or a subset of the organisation, and what that subset may be (as relevant)

If only a subset of the organisation is to be audited, please explain your choice

All or part of your organisation's mandates

All or part of your organisation's mandates

Please describe the desired scope of the audit for each mandate and types of activities if they do not cover the full organisation. Further, describe briefly if there are different governance structures for the different elements of the desired scope.

Please only tick this box if your organisation applies to the Subsidy Fund and carefully read the Subsidy Fund Policy (POL200) and Procedure (POL200) .