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Group application

Your application

Thank you for your interest in our services.

Please make sure you have read POL500 - Quality assurance for Groups before applying for this service.

Please carefully read the form below before filling it. You may need to prepare for some questions or ask for input from colleagues. Once you start filling the application form you cannot carry out an intermediate "save" but have to go through the entire form in one go.

Application form for Group scheme

Name of your Group Entity

Address of your Group Entity

Address of your Group Entity

Address of your Group Entity

Choose from the list.

Name and SURNAME.

Name and SURNAME.

Position in the organisation.

Skype pseudo

What are the requirements for Group membership and in what documents are these recorded?

Describe and mention all the mechanisms relevant to chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 of POL500- Quality assurance for Groups.

You can check several boxes

You can check several boxes

Only to be filled if you have selected "other" above

You may check several boxes.

You may check several boxes.

Only to be filled if you have selected "other" above

Total number of countries covered by the Group members' operations.

Average number of country programmes per international Group member.

Number of country programmes of the largest international Group member.

Average number of projects per national Group member

Number of projects of the largest national Group member.

Total number of Group members.

Average number of staff per Group member.

Number of staff of the largest Group member.

Average current year's annual budget in USD of Group members

Choose the service your organisation desires to apply for.

Desired timeframe(s) for the audit. Note: HQAI will to the maximum to accommodate this desire, but your information is indicative only.

e.g. religious holidays, general assemblies, climatic conditions

Please only tick this box if your Group Entity applies to the Subsidy Fund and carefully read the Subsidy Fund Policy (POL200) and Procedure (POL200) .